Fillerina Breast Volume Grade 2

Fillerina Breast Volume Grade 2

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Fillerina Breast Volume Grade 2 

Intensive dermo-cosmetic filler treatment to boost breast plumpness and to regain fuller and curvier shapes. With 6 highly penetrating hyaluronic acids.
The treatment:
15 dose (3 ml each) of Breast Filler Gel
15 dose (3 ml each) of Breast Volume Cream
1 precision applicator – 1 spatula
Available dosages:
Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3​

How to use

Take  a look at the video about how to apply Fillerina Breast Treatment.
Fillerina Breast Volume is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment in gel containing 6 molecules of hyaluronic acid in different and modulated proportions to promote the dermo-cosmetic filling of breast cutaneous tissues.

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