Apivita Suncare Anti-spot Spf 50 Tinted Face Cream

Apivita Suncare Anti-spot Spf 50 Tinted Face Cream

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Specialized suncare anti-spot tinted face cream SPF 50. Very high protection.

  • The natural and organic filters protect effectively from UVA & UVB radiation.
  • The sea fennel stem cells and the achillea extract help reduce spots and prevent the creation of new ones.
  • The innovative 3D PRO ALGAE® complex maintains the skin's three-dimensional structure, as it protects its density and elasticity under the sun, acting effectively against photoaging, the No1 reason for premature aging.
  • Infusion with three types of organic Greek mountain tea offer strong antioxidant protection and enhance skin defense against oxidative stress caused by adverse external effects (UV radiation, environmental pollution).
  • The 3D PRO-ALGAE® complex, the infusion with three types of organic Greek mountain tea and the hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin in depth.
  • Even, light coverage.

With a photostable combination of natural and organic filters



Apply a sufficient amount daily on the face, neck and cleavage, before exposure to sunlight, ideally after applying the face serum. During periods of excessive exposure to sunlight, re-apply during the day as well, especially after wiping your face or after perspiration.


The anti-spot tinted face cream SPF 50 has a rich texture and contains 77% natural ingredients

*Innovative 3D PRO-ALGAE® complex1 *Alcohol
*Sea fennel stem cell extract* *Parabens
*Achillea extract* *Silicones
*Infusion* with 3 species of sideritis1 *Mineral oil
*Hyaluronic acid *Ethanolamines
*Panthenol *Phthalates
*Bisabolol *PCM
  *Propylene glycol
  *Butylene glycol

* From certified organic cultivations

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